Which is better for dry or wet shaving?

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If you have ever considered getting a really clean and close shave, you may want to know the differences between dry and wet-shaving products and techniques. You can select the best option based on your needs for speed, quality, the after-shave feel on your skin, and the condition of your skin.

Dry shaving does not involve soaking your hair in the water. If you use a moisturizer, the amounts are minimal, and your goal is to expose the hair directly to the blade. The advantage of dry shaving is that it is really fast and causes less irritation.

Wet shaving involves wetting the hair and shaving with a lot of moisture. The water exposes lower portions of the hair. The blade can push against the weakest sections of hair and cut very low on it. A wet shave is cleaner and smoother, but it is not for all types of skins.

Dry Shaving

If your skin does not present any serious problems and you want the quickest shave, you can go for a dry shave. Dry shaving is not of low quality despite the fast speed that it brings to your shaving experience. The popularity of dry shaving increased with the emergence of better and modern hair-cutting tools. Having the right tools makes dry shaving a great option.

Before the discovery of electric shavers, people used to shave with scissors or blades. The only way to perform a safe, dry shave was with scissors. However, scissors are not suitable for close shaves, and they barely clear the hair from the skin. Razor blades work well with wet shaves due to the danger of accidental cuts in dry shaving.

Now that we have great inventions for shaving, you can get many tools to use for dry shaves. Most of the tools are designed to prevent accidental skin cuts and to remove most of the hair.

You can achieve a fantastic dry shave with an electric shaver. The two options are the rotary shavers and foil shavers. Rotary shavers work best with very short hairs, while foil shavers can handle very long hairs. Most people who go for dry shaving deal with long or fast-growing hair, which makes foil shavers more common in dry shaving.

The Remington HC4250 is an excellent multipurpose electric foil shaver for dry shaving. It comes with length combs that give you nine options for adjusting your cut. You can adjust the length to determine the closeness of your shave. You can use longer lengths for a shallow trim, and you can remove the combs for a close shave.

Since dry shaving helps save your time, you will be glad to know that the Remington HC4250 also comes with rechargeable lithium batteries. You can get about 40 minutes of runtime without having to plug in a power source. When you settle for regular dry shaving, you will enjoy the amazing shavers that help you do it anywhere and in the shortest amount of time.

The Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clipper & Trimmer is another fantastic product that you can use for dry shaving. You will get up to one hour of runtime on this shaver before recharging it. You can also use its cord to run it while it is plugged in a power outlet.

The Best Shaving Options and Products

The process of dry shaving is better when you select the appropriate tools and materials. You want to keep your skin dry for the shave and clear any slant hairs for a uniform or even shave.

The Remington Face Saver Pre-Shave Powder Stick is excellent for drying your skin before shaving. The product comes in the form of a soft cylindrical stick that you can hold with three fingers and rub the soft pad over your face. The powder absorbs water and oil from your hair and skin.

Using a pre-shave powder makes the hairs rise from oily or wet skin. You want to avoid any slant or low-lying hairs to make your shave cleaner and easier. The advantage of the Remington Face Saver is that it can apply to any skin and works for all types of shaving.

If you can’t stand powders, you can use pre-shave gels that dry up before shaving. The Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion is outstanding for drying your skin and making a dry shave easier. The product is a Mennen brand that ships to most locations, and you will be amazed by its low price. It also dries off quickly and does not clog your shaver.

You may also want to use products that improve the condition of your skin and hair. The advantage of the Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion is that it contains conditioners for relaxation and improves the texture of your hair and skin. The product is of very high quality, and its prices are reasonably low.

If you cannot use a pre-shave gel or pre-shave powder, you can still get pre-shave lotions. The Speick Men Pre-Electric Shave Lotion is excellent for dry-shaving beards. The product works best with electric shavers or razors. Some of the lotion’s great ingredients include extracts of Valeriana Celtica, citrus oils, Lavandula extracts, menthol, parfum, and camphor. The lotion relaxes your skin while also arousing the hairs for a dry shave.

You can also apply any waterless moisturizer, including those made with coconut oils, to improve your dry shave. Once you have prepared your skin and your hairs are stout, you can proceed with dry shaving and get remarkable outcomes.

Now that you know all the available options for dry shaving, you can follow cutting hair’s straightforward steps.

1 After applying a waterless pre-shave cream, powder, gel, or lotion, wait for five to 7 minutes for it to dry out.

2 Proceed to set your shaver at the proper gauge or cutting length. For very close shaves, you may want to remove the guide combs.

3 Place the shaver at a starting point and at a right angle to your skin.

4 Gently drag the shaver in the direction of hair growth. The direction is also known as the hair grain. Shaving against the hair grain can cause ingrown hairs.

5 Once you reach the end of the grain, make additional strokes to even out the shaved area.

6 Ensure that your blade is not clogged with hair or pre-shave products by brushing the particles off with a soft shaving brush.

7 Clear the shaved surface with a separate shaving brush.

8 Obtain a clean, warm, and moist towel and use it to pat the shaved areas.

9 Apply your favorite after-shave lotion or other products that work well with your skin.

Wet Shaving: The Best Selections

Wet shaving is for removing all hair at every point of the shaved area or surface. The goal is to wet and moisturize the hair and follicles. A wet skin exposes most sunken hairs, making it easier to get a very close shave.

Wet shaving helps protect dry skin from bruises and abrasions during the shave. The technique also makes it easier to use cartridge razors or blades. Some people find it nostalgic and prefer the closeness of a wet shave.

One of the best product for wet shaving is the Zeva Shaving Kit. The kit comes with a safety razor, stand, soap, hairbrush, ten blades, and a stainless-steel bowl. You need these items for a complete wet shaving experience.

You can also go for the GBS shaving kit that comes with an incredible design and environmentally-friendly components. The product comes with double-edged safety razors, rubber-coated handles and strong-grip features, an animal-free brush stand, natural soaps, and over 15 blades.

Wet shaves can be cheap when you obtain enough inexpensive razors at a bargain or use a rechargeable shaver. A wet shave with an electric shaver is the closest shave that you can get for all hair types. However, you may get closer shaves with cartridge razors if you gain experience in shaving.

The process of wet shaving is also straightforward and simple.

1 Clean your skin with plenty of water and soap.

2 Apply shaving cream over the hair or beard.

3 Shave in the direction that the hair grows, i.e., don’t shave against the grain.

4 Check the shaver or razor to remove any clogged hairs. You can simply flush off the excess hair with water.

4 Repeat the strokes until you have cleared all the hair.

5 Flush the shaved area with water to clear the shaved hair.

6 Complete your bath or clean up and dry the skin.

7 Apply after-shave lotions or oils that suit your skin.

You now know how to perform a perfect wet shave. You will also notice that it is a smooth and very clean shave.


You can see that a dry shave is excellent for saving time, while a wet shave is the best for the closest shave. You can go for dry shaving if you are ready for regular and quicker shaves. Wet shaving is excellent for people that have adequate time and prefer to remove all hairs.