The Electric Razor Market

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Despite there being millions upon millions of variables to consider, several key factors still seem to be strikingly constant in the electric razor market. These key factors include:

Electric Razor: Inception

Electric shavers weren’t invented by some weird inventor.

The idea was actually sanctioned by a group of German barbers known as the Brothers Grimm.

Their inventive efficiency was tested out on their own customers and with a standard electric razor, so the Brothers Grimm invented their electric razor, officially:

A barrister during the 1800’s projects a product we know and love today: an electric shaver.

Before the Brothers Grimm can take that idea to market though, they first have to have a yardstick to measure success. Scaled Codcoins Nothing beats figuring out a product’s potential success as the cost is, well, absurd. I can’t overstate the importance of this product to the electric shaving world: codcoins. Codcoins™ are candies (called candies because they are made from bits of paper) that are put in direct contact with human skin. In case you missed it, here’s how codcoins work: The candies melt, and are then simply removed from skin. The skin feels a bit dry after a few seconds, but it’s completely normal. If you’re comparing codcoins to being in contact with sandpaper here, I’ve intentionally devalued the edgier way you can describe the process (but you get the point).

The theory behind codcoins is that you can provide a (fairly useful) touch of warm fuzz to your skin, without razing it. And you don’t have to worry about your skin reacting to the greasy soap or oil that’s used to accompany the codcoins. On top of being able to warm skin, codcoins also moisturize your skin while used and also offer an exfoliant, leaving your skin looking and feeling incredibly smooth. In fact, codcoins are so effective at exfoliation that they’re originally used as a cosmetic product to help with skin rejuvenation.

While I think this premise is legit (I know I was a virgin when I first tasted one), the first codcoins failed terribly. The ‘better than cotton balls’ idea was so ridiculous that nobody was actually using them. This is still the case, but so far in the accessory that’s most popular.

Fortunately, the eGriz® and even the RazoRock® line, have been making huge pieces of progress in the electric shaver market. Yes, RazoRock is trying to take codcoins to the next level, but it just so happens that it’s not the electric shaver world we’re talking about.

Quad Galaxy™ EZ-EZ Shaving Brush

Quad-Solar Razor(2003)

The QuatroGalaxy™ was eventually popularized by PSA in 1998, who introduced it for the mass market. It was also popularized several years later after being introduced by Wolfgang Goetz, though this website was not created until today.

More details on the Quad Solar Razor can be found here .

Predator Flex S2 Electrolyse Lather (Presi-Vac™)

The Predator Flex S2 is a washable, fine synthetic plunger that will fit most razor cartridges.


Range: 19.7 to 35.5 mm

Length: 145 mm

The lather of the Predator Flex S2 is called Nonferrous™ III.

No added sodium or potassium.

Also known as: Champion, Predator, Premier

The 3 product line-up of the Electrolyse is Pred-i-Vac™ Lather, Pred-i-Vac™®, Pred-i-Vac™ II [Shaving] , Pred-i-Vac™ III [Shaving] and Pred-i-Lather Extra Fine

Smartkraft EZ-EZ™ Aftershave Splash

Smartkraft eZ-EZ™ Aftershave Spray was introduced by Parisian designer David Guyot. In 2001 it was introduced internationally, and the catch phrase started in 2002. Following him, Smartkraft eZ-EZ™ Aftershave Piquant was introduced in 2004.

Notas: Original Product Name: Synthetic EZ-EZ Precipitate

Scent characterizes the scent and its dedication to make a forward-thinking designer.

It gets my vote as the most innovative of the family, though it lost in the competition for best scent.

Snap Pz Scrunch Technology

Snap Pz Scrunch is a polymer that is washed and carefully formed so that the full thickness of the polymer is visible.

No added sodium or potassium.