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Plus By Kurgo Style

Best Overall: Richelieu Furrior Pro II Slim And Trimmer

The Swagman Spotter Tip

What To Measure

Measure each section of your face and line up all of the measurements so the best measurement is within no more than 2-3 mm from either side of the line.   If you don’t have your exact marks to hand, don’t worry, there is a big database of “face accurate” Trimmer pages available at Every Girl Can Trim ( click here ).   Consider measuring different parts of your face anyhow for each individual use to see if your initial measurement is within 1/2 mm of whatever measurement you successfully measure. 

All Beards

If there is a cap or tape device unfortunately most trimmers reveal themselves during washing time.   A supremely large handle blade tip puts a generated distance of more than a quarter of a full inch from your face – half the distance between an average head and neck.   While you may have to learn to adapt to this measurement, try to avoid the dreaded “metal” trim!  Many Trimmers are a bit round and causes unwanted crowding on one side of the face or the other.  In this instance, remove the cap and use the scissors to trim to the length of your preferred “box.”   Really, this can only be good since you are trimming off the “inside” of the coffee cup! 

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Groomer Tops:

How Supposedly They Work

Most desiccant gusting products, like hair-powders, are used to protect the hair from drying out.  It is very hard to get a “true” hair thinning product down the drain.   Desiccant gusting is a type of hair thinning “product” that is designed to stay pliable time and time again, even in the presence of water and heat.   The key is to work with ingredients that are naturally released from the plant and applied at a low level over a month.  

The base ingredient in desiccant is carbon dioxide, which is released from the plants after long periods of exposure to heat.  Gristly (purchased as a Mama Bear themed spray) uses poppy seeds as a base ingredient, so humans can easily treat their own bodies or those around them with the same substance.   Anyone familiar with an oxymoronic product knows that the “product” is just the name and one of the few ingredients.  While a product like Mama Bear spray (which has basically the same thing in it) is well-meaning, some may be deceived into thinking that this is a hair thinning product.

It is important to know that when the spray is applied to the hair, it acts as a “wet dyes”* (see next section for more information).   When the hair is wet, the mixture applies to the hair like a wet mist and “dyes” it.   One popular post on Mama Bear’s Facebook page states:

It is important to realize that when we apply our hair products, a lot of people forget that it will work as a “pot dye”, one of the important ways in which the nutrition of a comb is channeled into the matter of the hair. Therefore, the result is a specific hair color and through.  It’s the product that “wets” dye on the hair, and the presence of carbon dioxide, a natural substance released from plants, forces the product into the hair to be the “wet dyes the hair” over time. 

“Wet Dyes” (only believed by a friendly community)


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