How to Shave your Face

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Preparing to Shave your Face

The best way to prepare your facial skin for a shave is to keep it healthy and moisturized. You want to avoid dry skin or breakages during the shave. It would be best if you considered your skin’s general health in terms of its look, texture, dryness, oiliness, sensitivity, and intactness.

The skin properties that you will find easy to manage include mild dryness and low oiliness. The other properties are also easy to handle if you have the information that this article presents. First, let’s see how to prepare dry skin for a shave.

You can determine whether your facial skin is too dry by looking out for whitish spots and tightness. Wash your face with clean water and clean hands, then wait for it to dry. You will then understand whether it is prone to dryness, oiliness, or tightness.

Dehydrated skin may also appear to have shallow patterns of cracks in the thin outer layer. Some extreme cases may be shedding the thin outer layer. Shaving over such dry skin is not advisable, and you should use a moisturizer. You can get bruises and cuts from the blade when you shave on very dry skin.

You also need to moisturize your facial skin to avoid the pain that occurs when the blade rubs against very dry skin. It would be best if you moisturized it to avoid damaging it and improve your comfort during the shave.

The process of moisturizing the skin starts long before the shave. If you stay hydrated, the water you drink will adequately moisturize the skin. If you already forgot to drink water regularly, you can still use moisturizers on your dry skin. So, let’s look at the process and products to use before shaving your face and moisturize your skin.

The Proraso Pre-Shave Cream is a fantastic pre-shave cream that you can apply to the face before shaving. The best thing about this product is that it works on most skin types and will resolve the problem of dryness and sensitivity. The product is made from natural ingredients, including green tea and oatmeal. It is an organic pre-shave cream that most skins tend to tolerate.

Products that help treat dry skin before shaving your face can also be great for delicate skin. One particular fantastic product is the Lather & Wood pre-shave oil. The product treats sensitive and dry skin, softens the facial hair and prevents ingrown hairs.

The blade is an essential component in the shaving process. It would be best to prepare for your shave by acquiring a clean, clear, and sharp blade.

Shaving Process

Once you’ve prepared your face for shaving, you should assemble the shaving kit and start removing the unwanted facial hair. The following steps will show you how to shave your face in the most efficient way.

1 Obtain a complete shaving kit with a shaver, blades, trimmer, comb, and shaving brush. You should get trimmers that can access your targeted areas.

2 Clean your face with your usual soap and water. Stick to soaps that you use regularly or good-quality products.

3 Dry your face with a face towel.

4 Apply a pre-shave cream to your face.

5 Shave the hair with the shaver or razor. The direction of the shave should be over the most extended surface to remove most of the hair. In most cases, the shavers require a slight tilt to shave off the hair effectively.

6 Use a shaving brush to rub the hair off the face.

Removing hair from the blade can also improve your shaving experience. During the shave, try to avoid accumulating vast amounts of hair on the blade by clearing it with a soft and dry brush.

7 Use a trimmer to remove unwanted hair from the hidden areas, including the nose and behind the ears. You can also trim overgrown eyebrows.

8 Gently clean the face with a clean moist towel.

9 Apply post-shave products, including oils and gels.

Now that you understand how to shave your face, you also need to know about

Handling Accidental Cuts

It would be best to avoid cuts by avoiding applying excess force on the skin while using the shaver. You can also prevent cuts by avoiding using the corner of the shaver while cutting or trimming facial hair.

When accidental cuts happen, the best way to manage them is with an immediate response. If the cut is bleeding heavily, you will need to immediately call for assistance because a blood vessel may be damaged. However, this is very rare.

If the cut is slightly bleeding, applying a methylated spirit can help stop the bleeding within two to five minutes. You will then seal the wound with a small adhesive bandage and continue the shave with extra care.

The Cloe Mini-Pocket is an excellent product for dealing with minor accidental cuts during face shaving. The product comes with 20 styptic matches that can help stop bleeding.

Dealing with stiff facial hair

You can manage the problem of stiff or rigid hair by wetting it and patting it with a dry towel before shaving your face. A facial scrub is another way to deal with such hair. The alternative to direct wetting is to stay hydrated. When you stay hydrated, your hair will be less rigid or hard.

Cremo Cedar Forest is one fantastic product for softening stiff hairs when you are shaving your face. The product helps soothe dryness and prevent itches.

Dealing with common problems in shaving your face

You may be wondering how to shave your face without getting itches. The answer lies with hydration, shaving in the hair’s growth direction rather than opposite to this direction, cooling your skin after shaving, and using the pre-shave and post-shave products.

In dealing with irritation and skin bumps, you should pay attention to the blades you use to shave your face. Avoid rusty or blunt blades. You should also avoid products that react badly with your skin.

Managing acne in shaving your face should involve using alcohol-free products, clean blades, and avoiding excess oiling in the pre-shave stage.

Avoiding ingrown hairs is also easy, and it involves shaving along the hair grain or in the direction that the hair slants. You may realize that the hair changes direction at specific points, which is a common source of mistakes that lead to ingrown hairs.

You can also treat ingrown hairs by keeping the affected areas clean, occasionally patting the regions with a warm moist towel, and applying creams and retinoids. In most cases, maintaining hygiene and leaving the hair to grow will solve the problem. Avoid scratching the affected areas and consult a dermatologist if the condition is worse than usual.

Maintaining a smooth and clear skin in regular shaving is also good for you. Using organic products, safe lotions and creams, and staying hydrated will help maintain a clear and smooth skin.

The Kerah Lane Formula is a superior product on Amazon that helps solve issues of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and acne. The product is made from organic ingredients, and it works with diverse types of skin.

Finishes and Conclusions

The shaving finishes include precision trimming, cleaning, and applying after-shave products to care for your skin. Once you have removed all the visible hair in your targeted regions, you now have to focus on clearing hidden hair. Some of the hair may occur at the back of the neck, behind the ears, under the chin, or inside skinfolds.

 Using a precision trimmer will help you access regions that are not easy to reach. You can find a great precision trimmer on Amazon is the Remington Ultimate Precision Detail Trimmer, NE3160. The trimmer comes with nine settings or modes for trimming, a nose-and-ear trimmer, and an adjustable comb. It is also a dual-sided trimmer to save your time and complete your finishes.

You can also ensure that your shave does not lead to rushes or unwanted discomfort by applying after-shave products. Some of the products are meant to maintain such resources as moisture and oil in your skin. The products may also contain active ingredients that heal abrasions and prevent infections.

Aftershave creams are fantastic in solving some of the problems that occur after shaving your face. One popular product that solves after-shave problems is the Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shave Gel. The gel is made by a top-quality brand that focuses on the efficiency and safety of its products.

Conclusively, you now know how to shave your face and get the best results. The information in this guide may help you and others that need a clean and comfortable shave. Feel free to share this post to help spread the word and keep everyone’s faces smooth and well-kempt.

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