How to Make Your Own Beard Oil

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Not only is it an excellent way to add shine and prestige to the whiskers, you can do it cheaper than even the most expensive hair straighteners.

In this guide I’ll cover some of the most common questions I’ve heard from new beardsmen who, like myself, love to treat their facial hair like a man and take pride in their look.

If you go to Amazon and type in ‘Beard Oil and Facial Hair’ it …um…

1.Should I make my own oil?

Ask any bearded man or woman this question and the answer will be yes.

Beard oil has obvious advantages over conventional method, such as lighter applicators, greater control, and a long shelf life, but there is another benefit that is less obvious, but relies upon the same principals as with beard oil’sier weight advantage’s:

Increasing facial hair growth!

You’re really a beard man or woman if you can grow facial hair; they have no real significance and no real scientific proof to back them up, but that doesn’t stop anyone, even some of the most conformist, churchgoing men, using things like exercise, diet, and how much they brush to get their mojo back.

Whatever your reason is for having beard oil, it will give the hair some more volume. This means it will stick to the skin better, and will give you more time to work all the muscles in your beard — hold your beard, suck in your cheeks and tongue and moustache and give it another squeeze to firm it up.

Forget everything you know about how to incorporate facial hair into your look. A sharp knife and a strong jawline will eventually give you good results, but if you want to maintain that handsome manliness for years to come then the best form of regime is to work with your beard.

2.What is beard oil?

Most beard oil companies recognise their product as the beard balm, which is really just a quick and easy way to brush your beard.

What you might also be surprised by is that beardsman benefit is not as simple as being covered up or wearing a hat.

Several beard oils come in as a shave balm, which is to say they are quite pleased with the way your beard looks once you’ve shaved off all the stubble / hair. It’s this variation above the top layer of stubble that cream, gels, proteins and all sorts of other ingredients work so hard to pull off.

The funny thing is that you can actually use anything for a nice beard oil, whether it’s your favourite men’s soap, a cheap bit of duct tape, or whoever you see around you might use it.

Just make sure it doesn’t contain too much of the stuff that’s already in your skincare products, including order of a few of your favourite tomes from the Nourishing Traditions Facial Series, a spray for acne, and the beard oil ads you evince side by side with those of your enemy.

Ordinary beard oils are blends of oils of olive, avocado, grapeseed and nutmeg. Many of these are fantastic to use when you want to naturalise something, so it’s wonderful to use a beard oil that contains and promotes a flavour that’s like nothing else but man!

The lesson here is that beard oil doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. While some beard brush lubricants protect the shave, add a few drops that help coat your brush, and leave a bit for spare convenience fo yesterday to be totally absent in the morning, are pennies in comparison.

3.Can I make my own beard oil?

Please stop reading now, go and make some in your own kitchen, at least you won’t be making it with fruit and vegetable free palm oil which an anti-acne gentle ingredients list.

Don’t be fooled into thinking olive oil is the best and only substitute for ghee (clarified butter) that will stand up to the toughest of the beard origins. The genius known as Mert Jakob Müller (the founder of Müller Packing Seed Oil) was the only women in the company, unlike this of course inspector led company, so the criticism of rip offs is well founded here.

Early in my beard oil journey I created a basic beard oil recipe using olive oil and good old castor oil (including some ghee if you’re comfortable with the taste of ghee — it’s the residual nutmeg in the latter mix that’s actually quite good, not totally nutty like many other products. 😀 ).

Once you’re happy with your result, it’s actually easy.