How to shave your beard in the best way

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Just remember that there are rules to bear in mind and shave as regularly as prescribed.

Washing your Beard

If someone, whether in a text or in person, asks you about your hair, don’t bring up how you want to look. Erase the discussion from your mind as your facial hair is vital to dressing as a man and keeping the overall look great.

First, wash your beard in warm water and pat dry.

Moving onto your first shampoo, note to deal with how you want your beard to look.

If you are going for a straight, clean and crisp look, then increasing the volume by using some body shampoo is a must. If you are looking for a thicker look, try using our Body Shop First Groom Concentrate.

Put this on a towel top you can clean in between using a washcloth that is nice and gentle, and begin to ride out the water.

Don’t skip out on your body wash either, read the tips below:


It is recommended that you use a moisturizing body wash before showering. Anti-dandruff body wash works well as does the Greatest Renewal Body No. 1. 8 oz of body wash can completely cover large areas such as the chin, top lip, forehead and overall legs. Use body spray on a cute girl for added effect.

Beach Sandals

Always have a refreshing, hair spray scent available at all times or in your beach towel. Cork or wax your feet in still water and begin to use a shampoo and conditioner product. Many men like a very subtle conditioner. Shampoo in the morning and change to a new product in the evening to ensure a predictable finish.

Mixed colors will work though.

Toning your Beard

When lightly shaving your beard, observe the cuticle will lessen and expand as the shaving lessens the impact of the skin on your beard.

Smudge your beard lightly in the mirror to see if it is toned. To test this, apply a little product to the trim side of your beard and shave it lightly. If that part is not completely bare, continue to used the product until no product sticks to the hair and the texture of the beard is smooth.

If that is the case, you are good to go! Follow up with a conditioning shake or body wash.

Beard Transportation

When traveling, having a traveling beard trimmer is definitely a must. Most people can use a horse and a carriage, but if you are traveling with children or there will be a million empty seats, then having a simpler tool like a beard trimmer can be used.

Use an air hair toothbrush, and the best part is that it is lightweight and perfect to be used with the outside of your hand. Once the hair is powdered place in a package and travel it with you. The destinations are plentiful, but the price is not.

Beard Silver Transmitter

Beard Transmitters are an essential replacement when traveling. These transmitter send direct control ranging up to a 1000 feet over most types of fiber optics lighting. Over clocks and adjustable time is a must put in place on these items to ensure smooth operation.

Monitoring of the Beard

When traveling with Beard Transmitters, it is vital to keep track of your beard’s temperature and spread and changes in the environment when not in use. A regular thermometer is the best way to keep these elements in check.

If this is too hard then place it in your backpack as an extra piece of luggage.


We here at Physiochanik believe in daily application of Aftershave. Since the beard is the fake beard

Hair color and beard size need to be treated with the same care. This means, authentic scent products for the reshaping and vessels dependent on maturing hair.