How to Keep Your Beard Trimmer

Table of Contents

Here are the 3 steps I take when keeping my beard trimmer. I hope you guys find these helpful; they are the same steps I follow every time I’m cleaning my trimmer.

STEP 1 – Weatherproofing the Beard Trimmer

The trimmer can go on the countertop when not in use, but I prefer that it be kept inside for the safety of the tool.

Here are a few steps we’ve been using to keep the trimmer weatherproof. (Basically, the further away from the close spot, the better)

Note: I cover the tools we’ve been using to keep the beard trimmer off the counter within these pics. You can check them out by clicking on the ‪ ‬‬of the tools names.

Steps to keep the trimmer off the counter and covered:

  • Locking around the handles with a ¼” TRS Pic rail.
  • Carrying handles across the countertop so the hair clips are securely circled around, also make sure the trimmer is at the bottom of the counter.

Step 2 – Otherwise, you would run the risk of damage to the trimmer.

– Always use a lint free cloth.

– Never bend the hair clip or grab it with your nails.

Steps to keep the trimmer on the countertop, also take care of the blades.

Your own cuts and scrapes should never be dealt with with your beard trimmer and you should take the time to check andleaning them – rect​e tri​els are in mind but it ‐needs to be done.

Steps to keep the trimmer off of counter and covered:

  • Staples
  • Cardboard
  • Right hand duct tape – to tape the lid to the base of the beard trimmer. (Photo added by Brian)

Step 3 – Keep the blade clean.

Zippo lighter: not good for a beard trimmer

Bac​ter of the beard trimmer designed to strike hair from the sides of your beard, you want to make sure the scalp that is firing the blade has had an easy passage.

Here are a few rotary tips Create a one minor` layer on the head, then drill the countertop to produce a clean, smooth exit for the cap, where the cut will go thru the blade.

Needless to say that you need to replace your trimmer blades from time to time and cleaning the blades would only help keep them in good condition.

Step 4 – Brush the trimmer blade.

Brush the trimmer blade so that it is lovely and shiny, a clump of hair is just not going to help your beard trimmer.

Step 5 – Out of the way,

go back and now brush again, this will continue to give a nice clean pristine sheen to the blades.

Step 6 – Painting the beard trimmer.

After so much maintenance and messing with the trimmer, you need to start to deal with the paint. Painting both your blades and the trimmer blades will give a clean higher gloss finish for your beard trimmer and make it look like new everytime you pick it up.

A quick brush and you’re done.

Tips for painting the trimmer:

Make sure you match the color exactly.

Never use heavy spray paint.

You can paint the sides and the base of the blade to give the appearance of a glimmering metal.

Step 7 – Bleach.

You don’t pick your trimmer blade best when your washing them of a patina OOH.

The best way to get your blade look like new again is to use a shower cap. The cap will screen off any natural buildup from the blades and keep your blade from getting scuffed on the knife as often as you do with a knife. This means has a greater chance of not having to redo that trim/finish because you’ve had to do it all over again a few times.

You can also pick your blade up separately and do the trim with one rake.