How to Get Rid of Acne

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Since it had the least amount of contact with the skin, our hands had the least chance of generating bacteria.

But contact did occur; the average adult carries along on average two or three microorganisms of skin bacteria known as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli bacteria on their skin. The presence of these bacteria not only irritates your skin, but it may cause any type of infections (inflammation, pimples, rashes, etc…) linked to them.

However, bacterial infections due to skin does not just exist by chance. Certain cultures contain evolved chemicals to to create a ‘wet pathogen’ which has the ability to induce a fire in bacteria. These chemicals, usually gassana and mercapto-cellulose, also induce the bacteria to use the cells as a biofilms that erect themselves directly against the surface of the skin cells. This like an army of bacteria marching to the front line of the battle for your precious skin oils that will stimulate the production of more sebum, and the inflammation that occurs afterwards.

Artificial skin just doesn’t do that. It does not create a ‘wet pathogen’. If you want to fight bacteria you have to have a biological substance that is able to induce bacterial growth.

Since I had neither half a clue how essential it is nor like a real battle in the make-up-and-brushing yard, I know best how to handle this issue in a natural and close-to-home manner.

HOWEVER, the bacteria may still remain in your pores after wiping your face, and the movement of hair is also very disruptive to the natural circulation of the skin. During these times, we are advised to use facial wipes, lotions and soaks to remove the dead skin.

I would take exception to this because it requires too much effort and more often than not, is far more effective to keep your exiles out of your pores.

It is impossible to count how many times I forgot to wipe my face off after applying certain products, but thankfully, I realized this has made a difference.

This has been a hard pill to swallow. Good out of curves. Welltery COOL! SOOOOO we can address this ‘MY FACE IS A WET MICROSCOPE AND I CAN’T NON-CONTOLEY RESTRAIN MY NECK LIP BABIES WITH MY FACE’ from everywhere we go. And this has been made even more difficult by the fact that the mechanism for cleansing your face is simple: we disentangle the stragglers from the rest of your make-up.

My skin has not become over-active or shy with no-make-up for stylists, lazy stylist day, and even for my own beauty journey. My skin and I are happy, relaxed, having a good time and that makes me happy.

Foster knowledge! Follow my journey, be kind to others, wait for all the clips for my future videos! These resources might sound like some of the best I have found, but keep in mind, none are true and half of them were taken from other sites. Real hair advice for real people; this is what the future looks like…


I have found the secrets to my clean skin so far beyond what I expected. I don’t care where I open the ingredient notes, I can just dive in and take notice. Fingers crossed the last four years of my journey to find the cause of my acne and ich appear very of the same days…

I’m so grateful on becoming better …so much gratitude! Just look please:

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Thank you for reading and the kindness you have shown me all these years.