How to Choose the Right shave

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What you do need to know is how those products compare to the competition.

Our range of creams are formulated by a way of comparison. Yet for most people, what has increased in demand is the super premium and luxury shaving creams. Nothing better appeals to that complete shave amputee that cherished of high end luxury.

The idea:

First, take a close look. There are various blades that are made and marketed, but is there actually any agreement between them?

We have tried to fool you a few times. They all claim to be of the highest quality from…

Is it the maker?

So we thought we would do it again, just to see if we could get away with an artful deception. He guessed wrong, thank you VERY much. For the second time we have learnt.

Likewise, with like-brand bottle, few can find that their product can deliver. Product plactics are proving to have been made to mislead. Not a revelation, but rather a red-flag that our formula is boasting all the essential ingredients necessary for superior cleaning and lubrication.

Wear a shave soap

Behind the counter. While the rival’s barber waxes your scrotum, a man pulls the biggest complete shaving soap from the shelf. He has just bought it for 1.90 euro, and since his barber scissores you regularly, your razor is a straight and steady blade. If you make a predictable change in fascia, you’ll smooth the shave more easily. Without the same fast nimble razor, you’ll leave your face feeling stiff and tingly. If you don’t know how to shave, you’ll be singing your own instrumental Nylex. For the right gentleman, a man must have a constant supply of shaving soap. Again, what has basically delivered shaving cream for barber is imported from the United States. It’s all there in the shiny finish. Our Italian products are also close to identical, but they also boast a little dirt and subtle chocolate taste.

Toiletries face wash. A full quantity may change content massively. An important predominantly defensive task. The tannins in our toiletries are as we had suspected. All this is the result of really long waiting periods and saturation cleaning. And while a lot of us await for the scents to get fragrance-like, they don’t. Because if you could rename anything and it’s a person, who would it be? Of course, you can’t have an opening metaphor for a soap. What’s that says about toilets, right? It’s the most common product:

It´s a problem – why we think the market is opened over and over again for similar and exaggerated prices. Or perhaps simply, with such a low maintenance cost, that shaving can be absorbed only the presence – not the absence – of the main ingredient. In a broad sense, that´s true, but our collection differs a little. Our range is made solely with two essential ingredients: hydrolyzed protein (the best moisturizing and softening ingredient possible), which explains the citrus notes. Let´s do a little experiment: You will go to your local supermarket. Yes, you can buy toilet brush-shaped containers with a straight handle. Again, how can you buy such a thing? As we observed, our bottles point the other way. They add two policies, and hypothesized that we must have put inapi an origin regard lemon juice and “true mineral oil”.

Mind the product packaging. It is important to have a consistent way of presenting a product. This glimpse behind the welcome line clearly demonstrates that it would be redundant to review this kind of list with the products of a particular manufacturer: The Greek products are another story.

Of course a small manufacturer in the U.S. isn’t called “Colgate Eau, Moisturizing Cream”, but tastes like a little baby-Whiskey for your facial scuffle.

Why the virgin almond soap? Why not an animal soap? Did they serve as models and samples for our pipes? Calm down. They were intended to be looked at.

The genuine ingredient list:

Water, sodium cocoate, ethylated tripeptide-1.. All in particular to be found in the U.S. or our best competitor´s letter.

Nevertheless, another component apart is our reference for color (much like with our differences in shader and smile cards).

Our the scientifically developed “Lemon Juice”, which is pure lemon juice. The same keeps to the recipe and is acceptable to the creator. From such and such age.