After shave care

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The reason for after shave care is to soothe your skin and reduce the risks for such problems as ingrown hairs, irritation, acne, redness, dryness, and uneven hair growth. Aftershave care techniques include hydrating the skin, controlling temperature and oiliness, sanitizing the shaved area with a mild antiseptic, and grooming the skin.

Did you know that people were buying aftershave products as early as 1920? You still visit Amazon and get the Bay Ram Aftershave, which is a product that has been around for over 100 years. After shave care has remained popular for a good reason. Whether you shave at home or the parlor, you still need to perform some aftershave care. The shaving process changes the skin’s temperature and surface features, and you need to restore its smoothness and comfort.


The simplest form of aftershave care is to cool your shaved areas and apply a favorite aftershave lotion or any preferred product. However, complete aftershave care is more detailed, and it follows systematic steps to achieve the best results in both the short-term and long-term period.

You want to feel comfortable and soothed in the few hours and days following the shave, but you also want to avoid ingrown hairs, acne, and irregular hair growth in the long-term. Therefore, the recommended solution is complete aftershave care that manages all concerns for your skin and hair.

The other type is a complete aftershave care. It starts with the keen focus on abrasions or scratches to the skin, preventing wounds or infections, and brushing off loose hairs. The next steps include cooling the shaved area, applying aftershave products in the appropriate order, blowing some air to restore a groomed look, and an aftershave routine for two to three days. Once you learn the straightforward and easy way to attend to all these issues, you will be a master in the aftershave arena.

The simplest way to look at aftershave care is that it heals the shaved area while also enhancing your comfort. You may already realize that a complete aftershave is not a random process. The process includes activities that could make a difference on your skin and hair. If you fail to perform an appropriate aftershave routine, there may be a risk of irritation and annoying ingrown hairs or razor bumps.


The essentials that you need include a clean towel, a soft hairbrush, an antiseptic-containing aftershave product, a mirror, a container of very cold water, and your favorite skincare lotions, oils, or gels. The essentials are basics that anyone that performs an aftershave procedure needs.

You will be able to perform a regular aftershave procedure with the listed items. Still, you can also enhance this experience with a sterilizer, a trimmer with a vacuum, a hornet drier, and favorite fragrances if you have the means to get them. An executive aftershave will include similar equipment and materials to perfect your look.

Once you decide on the level of sophistication that suits your scenario, you can assemble the aftershave tools and get the work done. However, you will be glad to know about some options on Amazon that can make your work easier in creating the aftershave setup.

The Leponix Shaving Kit is a fantastic product with aftershave tools that you can find on Amazon. You will find pocket-friendly aftershave aides to disinfect and soothe your skin following a shave. The kit also contains a comprehensive set of tools you need for a complete shave. The seller goes further to provide you with a shaving apron if you need to protect your clothing.

Razor bump Stopper is the other fantastic product on Amazon that you can include in your aftershave care. It helps prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs that could occur following a shave. The product also contains ingredients that reduce swelling and redness. The Razor Bump Stopper will also soothe your skin to relieve your itchiness, burning sensation, and abrasions.

You can also consider the Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Natural Formula, which is also found on Amazon and other stores. The product contains organic ingredients and excludes alcohol or chemicals that could cause undesired effects on your skin or health. The natural ingredients include Witch Hazel, Lavender, Aloe Vera, and organic nutrients.


The first step in aftershave care is to maintain your tools, materials, and environment. Start with the hairs that are usually spread around over your shaved area, garments, or other surfaces. Also, check to ensure that your aftershave kit is in good condition and not contaminated.


1 First, perform a simple safety check. Check for any minor cuts or scratches that may be bleeding and attend to them immediately. If you notice any such wounds, ensure your hands are clean and sanitize, then apply methylated spirit to stop bleeding. You can use small sterile adhesives for any cut that appears delicate and larger than half-an-inch.

In most cases, you will not be dealing with any severe cuts or bruises. You can avoid such wounds with a proper pre-shave routine and shaving along the grain. Now that the precautions are out of the way, you can now proceed with the aftershave routine.

2 Use a clean and soft hairbrush to rub off hairs from the shaved area. You can use a new brush or sterilize your brush with a brief spray of the antiseptic that comes with the shaving kit or one that you buy from a local store. Gently rub off the hairs with two to three strokes over each area.

3 The opportunity to nip off the forgotten hairs is now. When you brushed off the hairs from your skin, any forgotten strands may have appeared. In most cases, a trimmer will remove such hair and trimming hair in hidden areas. You will need the shaver to remove forgotten hair strands and a trimmer for nose hairs and other hidden hairs in some cases.

4 You now need to seal the pores in the skin by cooling it with cold water. You may flush cold water or pat the area with a towel that you soaked in cold water. The water can be as cold as you can tolerate.

The cold water will do the opposite of the warm water that you applied before shaving. Warm water opens the skin pores and helps the hair follicles to open up and elevate the hairs. You use cold water in the aftershave to close the pores because you may be going outside, and dust could intrude on the freshly-shaven skin pores.

5 Apply an aftershave cream, gel, or lotion. The aftershave product should contain an antiseptic to protect your skin from infections. Kerha Lane and Razor Bump Stopper contain antiseptics to kill germs and protect the shaved area for several hours. The antiseptic is also great for protecting any pores that may not be well-closed.

You may consider the contents of the aftershave product and select one that does not cause any problems to your skin. Some people’s skins react to alcohol-based aftershaves, causing irritation or an extended burning sensation for days. You can use the alternative witch-hazel aftershaves that solve this problem.

Many aftershaves also contain moisturizers, coolants, facial tonners, and fragrances. You can select the product that gives you the best results and feeling without causing any damages to your skin or body. Read the product labels and ingredients to know the contents and consider any warnings that occur on these labels.

6 You are now in the final stage of aftershave care, which involves blowing some air over the shaved area. The simplest way to do it is with your hand or any item that can blow some air over the skin. However, the better way to do it at the parlor is with a hornet drier. Blowing air over the skin will remove any excess moisture and give you a normal look.

Congratulations! You now know how to perform a complete aftershave routine. You also know about the different options and products that you can apply to the routine and get excellent results. Remember that every aftershave routine may be a great way to prevent infections, protect your skin, avert discomfort, or improve your experience.

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